Cleveland Browns schedule: Predicting the outcome of all 3 remaining games

How will the final three games play out for the Cleveland Browns, who are looking for another playoff run

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Week 18 Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals

After winning their 11th game of the year, the Browns will hit the road once again. This time, they will head to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals, the same team they opened up the season against. Cleveland won in Week 1 while Joe Burrow still looked slowed down by a calf injury.

He started to turn things around but then a hand injury sent him to the IR. In came Jake Browning, and it appeared their season was over. That's not how things went down, however, as Browning has taken the league by storm. He's led the Bengals to a 3-1 record and has had some impressive performances along the way.

Cincinnati is still in the playoff mix as well thanks to Browning and with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs up next for them, they might need this win to get into the postseason. Cleveland might not need it nearly as badly since they already moved to 11-5 in our prediction. Sure, they would love a 12th win but with nothing on the line, they wind up dropping this one on the road by one score.

That could open the door for the Bengals to make the playoffs but that's not a problem. Instead, it will be a reminder of how tough the AFC North is and will be another reason this Browns team deserves praise for winning 11 games despite all the setbacks they faced.

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Final Score: Bengals 23, Browns 20
Cleveland Browns Record: 11-6