Cleveland Browns stock report following a dominating Week 3 win over Titans

• The North Star WR

• A tone-setting coach

• A truly dominant defender

•The basket holding all of the franchise's eggs

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns
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Browns Stock Up: Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett is a generational talent. Full stop.

Coming off a game where he didn't register a sack, although he did beat his man at a league-leading clip and supplied tons of pressure, Garrett had himself a day against the Titans. The defensive captain notched three and a half sacks and forced a fumble.

The term game wrecker gets used more than it should, but it actually does apply to Garrett. By the time you read this, Pro Football Focus will have dropped their game grades for Week 3. Without even seeing the grades, I will go out on a limb and say that Garrett will finish as the top-graded edge defender on the week and will wind up in the 95-grade range.

On two of Garrett’s sacks, he was clearly being held by Titans’ left tackle Andre Dillard. And by holding, I mean Dillard was arm-barring Garrett to no effect while being escorted to the quarterback completely against his will. There could have been two Dillard’s attempting to block Garrett on Sunday and would not have mattered. 95 was a man on a mission against the Titans.

Garrett’s domination is not only limited to his ability to get after opposing quarterbacks, but it also dictates how offenses allocate their resources. There's no greater demonstration of how much space Garrett owns in offensive coordinator’s minds than when the Titans dedicated two tight ends to block him. However, the All-Pro edge defender recognized the situation and decided to play a game of follow the leader and effectively go in motion causing the Titans to burn a timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty.

The biggest takeaway from Garrett’s play on Sunday is that perennial All-Pro is having fun out there, which should scare the daylights out of opposing offenses…and just in time for Halloween season.

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