Cleveland Browns: Stock soars for Juan Thornhill but drops for Cade York

• Tight End Quarterback combo could be special

• Defensive Backs looking sharp

• Kicking woes continue

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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Stock Up: David Njoku

Cleveland fans should start getting used to David Njoku making a lot of plays in this offense. Of course, he's already the starting tight end for the team, and most were expecting him to make more plays with Deshaun Watson under center. The Chief only caught one pass for 10 yards and a touchdown, but everything about the play was beautiful. He looks like an absolute mismatch for anyone covering him.

On his touchdown play, he made a great-looking catch on a ball Watson placed perfectly. In one-on-one coverage look for him to cook the defender guarding him during the regular season. His stock is going up and will continue to rise throughout the year with his connection with Watson will only grow stronger. Fans should expect to see a career-high in Chief Slams this year.

Stock Down: Jed Wills

Jed Wills' stock seems to be very sporadic as usual as it continuously rises and falls with every other snap he plays. I wouldn't say his stock crashed by any means but just slightly decreased.

In Saturday's game vs. the Chiefs, he was absolutely bull-rushed off the ball and pushed back into Deshaun Watson destroying the pocket. Thankfully, Watson was able to scramble away and throw a beautiful ball to Amari Cooper for a massive gain. After Watson was able to get away from the defender you can see Wills just give up and stand there for a second before starting to jog.

In his other snaps, he looked decent to good, but giving up on plays is something that has followed him throughout his career. Getting beat on a snap is something that you expect to happen to an offensive tackle, but giving up on a play is something you don't want to see.

Unless he starts to fight until the whistle is blown and ups his blocking, I believe his stock is going to just gradually fall. On a team that wants to compete for a championship, you need your starting left tackle to play at a consistent level to reach that goal.