Cleveland Browns top 3 priorities ahead of 2024 training camp

Here's where the Browns need to focus in their upcoming training camp
Cleveland Browns, Jameis Winston
Cleveland Browns, Jameis Winston / Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK
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2. Get Jameis Winston plenty of time with the starters

General manager Andrew Berry said all the right things about Joe Flacco and was most likely sincere. He praised the veteran for his performance in 2023, which resulted in a 4-1 record for Cleveland and the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award for Flacco. He also said he would like him back with the Browns, but added that several factors go into such a decision.

One factor was the potential to upgrade the backup quarterback position. That's what happened when they landed Jameis Winston, who was the No. 1 overall pick out of FSU in 2015. As much as Flacco gave this team in 2023, Winston still provides them with a better option.

He's not only younger at 30 years old, but also has a stronger arm. He proved this in 2019 when he led the NFL with 5,109 yards passing. Of course, there are concerns since he led the league with 30 interceptions while tossing 33 touchdowns that year. Still, something must be said for being good enough to throw 30 picks and still keep a job — clearly, he was doing something right. Plus, Flacco wasn't exactly protecting the ball with 10 picks in six games, which would equal 28 in a full season. As we saw with him, the turnovers aren't too deadly if the offense keeps scoring points.

Moving beyond the decision to sign Winston, the Browns must ensure he's ready to take over. As much as we all want Deshaun Watson to play 17 games, he's still missed 11 games in each of the past two seasons. Until he turns into a reliable option, Cleveland has to treat him as what he's been — unreliable.

That means Winston needs to be given as many opportunities as possible with the starting team. That happened a lot in OTAs as Watson rehabbed his shoulder and needs to continue in camp and the preseason.