Cleveland Browns way too early 53-man prediction following 2023 NFL Draft

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
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Linebacker (6):

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah
Anthony Walker
Sione Takitaki
Jacob Phillips
Jordan Kunaszyk
Matthew Adams

There was a never-ending theme last year with Cleveland's linebackers — they all continued to get hurt. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Anthony Walker, Jacob Phillips, and Sione Takitaki all ended up on the IR which led to them constantly having to churn the bottom of the roster just to field a starting unit.

This season, they re-signed Walker and Takitaki to one-year deals and both should be locks. JOK is also a lock and should be the starter along with those two.

As for their reserves, it gets tricky. Jacob Phillips is vastly talented but not a lock considering his durability concerns. In this prediction, he has to beat out Tony Fields and does — but only barely.

Jordan Kunaszyk and Matthew Adams, who recently signed from Atlanta, are solid on special teams which is their calling card to a roster spot.

Cornerback (6):

Denzel Ward
Greg Newsome
Martin Emerson
A.J. Green
Mike Ford
Cameron Mitchell

Cleveland goes a little deep at cornerback but that's for two reasons. One, Mike Ford makes it due to his ability to play in the slot as well as on special teams, which is a huge emphasis this offseason. Cameron Mitchell also makes the cut as a rookie but that's because there are whispers that he could move to a safety role — and we go thin there due to this.

As for their top corners, Denzel Ward and Greg Newsome are still one and two. Martin Emerson was excellent as a rookie and can start for the inevitable missed games from Ward. A.J. Green was re-signed in the offseason and continues to shine when forced into duty.