Cleveland Browns Week 14 studs and duds: Joe Flacco makes history

• David Njoku had a day to remember

• Martin Emerson is on another level

• Joe Flacco makes history for the Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns, Joe Flacco
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Cleveland Browns dud: Geron Christian LT, James Hudson, RT

When an offensive lineman has his name called multiple times in a game, that’s not a good sign. It’s even worse when it happens twice on the same drive. That happened for Geron Christian on Sunday and each time it was for a penalty that negated a first-down.

Jacksonville had just cut the lead to 14-7 thanks to a fumble from Amari Cooper and the Browns offense was in need of a positive drive to flip the momentum back. They initially thought they were moving it when Joe Flacco hit David Njoku on a screen pass on second-and-two for 10 yards. That one was called back though with Christian lined up wrong.

They still fought back despite losing the yards and on third-and-two, Kareem Hunt ran it for just enough yards to move the sticks. They didn’t get to move them despite his run since Christian was flagged once again. This time, it was a hold that moved them back 10 yards. An incomplete pass on third-and-12 led to another punt.

While Christian struggled on one drive, James Hudson found himself with a few issues throughout the day. Starting in place of Dawand Jones, Hudson was flagged three times for a false start, including one on a third-and-one. It's hard to be too rough on them considering the Browns are down to their fourth and fifth tackles but it still wasn't an ideal day from either.