Deshaun Watson case continues to take unexpected turns

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Deshaun Watson was recently supposed to attend an in-person deposition but that never happened. The reason was that apparently the plaintiff's attorney was ill and needed to postpone.

Now, another unexpected turn has happened as attorney Anissah Nguyen is asking for documentation from the NFL as she looks to have the deposition rescheduled. Nguyen is representing one of many women who claim Watson was guilty of sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions.

While more than 20 cases were settled, there are two that are still going through the legal process. As for the league itself, they allowed an outside arbitrator to oversee Watson's suspension but when Judge Sue L. Robinson handed down a six-game punishment, they appealed. Eventually, Watson and the league agreed to an 11-game suspension.

Nguyen is now asking for the records obtained in the league's investigation into Watson. She is looking for any and all communication between the NFL and any law enforcement agency as well as all communication with Watson and his team.

Deshaun Watson legal team calls this case a "sham"

Watson has maintained his innocence throughout this process, which has now spanned multiple years. However, his attorney, Rusty Hardin, seems to be taking his criticism of this case one step further.

He's referred to this accusation as a "sham" and has affidavits claiming the woman in question said “I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do,” and “I would love to be in love and to love him” when discussing her relationship with Watson.

Hardin also claims Nguyen refuses to produce requested documentation including medical records to support claims of medical conditions caused by, or exacerbated by Watson.

In Watson's settlement with the league, it was written that he cannot be punished further for similar incidents during this time frame.

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