Deshaun Watson legal issues continue

Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders
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When the Cleveland Browns traded for Deshaun Watson last season, they knew a major PR hit would follow. Watson was facing more than 20 counts of sexual misconduct allegations and while he wasn't expected to face criminal charges, the NFL was ready to hand down a punsihment.

Eventually, they suspended Watson for 11 games — which was a settlement reached by both sides. Watson also settled the majority of the cases against him but there are still two pending civil suits.

One of those has become the focal point of his legal troubles once again since he's expected to be in court on Monday. According to Ed Gallek and Peggy Gallek of FOX 8 Cleveland, Watson will need to bring cell phone records.

"Cell phone records reflecting all telephone calls Defendant made to Plaintiff in December 2020 and January 202, and Cell phone records reflecting all text messages Defendant sent to Plaintiff in December 2020 and January 2021."

Harris County District Court motion

Arguably the most interesting part of the news release is that attorney Anissa Nguyen wants to know who paid for the hotel room used in this case.

Many forget that the Houston Texans were accused of booking hotels for Watson and even having women sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. Of course, that one went away nearly as quickly as Robert Kraft's off-field endeavors but it could again take center stage for Watson's former team.

As for any issues with the league, Watson did get it put into his settlement with the league that any similar cases from the same timeframe wouldn't subject him to further punishment. That means this will have no bearing on his availability for Cleveland this season.

Watson played in six games for the Browns last year and they went 3-3 with him under center. His first game was against the Texans, which was following a 700-day layoff. The Browns are hoping he knocked the rust off and can return to the player they saw in 2020 play for Houston.

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