Will Deshaun Watson be the next QB to have his play elevated by Kevin Stefanski?

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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Deshaun Watson: Cleveland Browns

Now Stefanski has a chance to work with the most talented quarterback of his career in Deshuan Watson. We did see six games with Watson at the helm last season, and it wasn't pretty.

Watson looked out of sync with his teammates and coaches for the most part. It has caused some questions to pop up regarding Watson's ability to capture his old form.

Well, maybe we should look at what Stefanski has been able to do with lesser talent. The track record is clear, as he has either taken a journeymen quarterback to the best years of their career or made a good one have the most efficient season of his career to that point.

Watson and Stefanski now have a complete offseason together with Watson at the helm from the start. So far, the results look pretty good in shorts and no pads.

Over the years, we have always talked about how the defense is ahead of the offense this time of year. That's normal for this time of the year. Well, this time we're watching a quarterback throwing lasers to all his weapons. Even Nick Chubb was out there catching passes.

Browns fans better buckle up because Watson looks sharp, and Kevin Stefanski has proven what he can do with even a little talent.

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The talent is there. The coaching is there. Will it mean a return to the playoffs? Only time will tell.