Are the Draft Dudes right about the Browns 2023 roster?

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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How the Browns projected starters stack up

So far Crabbs and Marino have done this exercise for 18 NFL franchises, with the Cincinnati Bengals next on deck. How have the Browns stacked up with the other 17 teams that the Draft Dudes have parceled out thus far? The answer is...pretty well in fact.

For those of you scoring at home, and even for those that are reading this alone, (Shoutout to Stuart Scott). Of the team’s projected starters already bucketed, only the Philadelphia Eagles (8) and San Francisco 49ers (7) have more Roster Cornerstones than the Browns six. The Browns lead this exercise with seven Quality Starters. The Eagles and Browns both have three players in the Incomplete Evaluation bucket and neither team is projected start a player that falls in the Quality Depth category.

So far, the only other AFC North team the Dudes have covered is the Pittsburgh Steelers. How do the Browns matchup with their rival? Favorably it turns out.

The Steelers only had three Roster Cornerstones, all on the defensive side of the ball. They did manage to edge the Browns in Adequate Starters with six, but they have three Replacement Level starters and two Incomplete Evaluations. The wildcard for Pittsburgh is the fact that they currently have three rookies as projected starters this upcoming season.

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Overall, what Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino are doing with Locked On NFL Scouting, and this exercise in particular, should be commended. Their podcast is a valuable tool for anyone looking to obtain a deeper understanding of the NFL and everything that it encompasses. Well done Dudes, well done.