Former Browns bust has delusional take on 49ers losing Super Bowl LVIII

Donte Whitner probably should leave the analysis to anyone else
Donte Whitner, Cleveland Browns
Donte Whitner, Cleveland Browns / Stephen Brashear/GettyImages

Donte Whitner is known as one of the worst free-agency signings for the Cleveland Browns, but he might be trying to change that image. Whitner famously said the Browns had a "personal vendetta" against him when they released him in 2015, just two years into his four-year $28 million deal. As if that didn't raise enough eyebrows

His theory was disproven when he managed to play just 11 more games in the NFL after being let go. But now, he's suddenly making headlines again for terrible takes. This time, he was on Up & Adams with Kay Adams and claimed the San Francisco 49ers had to play against more than the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII.

Whitner claimed they had to play against the refs, who he believes favored the Chiefs. To further drive home the point that he didn't know what he was talking about, he also said they played "against Taylor Swift."

As Whitner made his claim, Adams was seen trying to hold back a laugh. She might have been thankful for the Taylor Swift comment since that allowed her to finally let the laugh out.

Whitner, who spent three years in San Francisco must have enjoyed his time there because he just offered up a homer take to end all homer takes. First, the refs called the same number of penalties with each team having six flags accepted. The 49ers lost 40 yards in penalties whereas the Chiefs surrendered 55.

Not only did the penalties come in at six apiece but the 49ers were the ones to benefit most from refs turning a blind eye.

San Francisco took a 10-3 lead into halftime but their touchdown shouldn't have counted. A trick play that saw Jauan Jennings hit Christian McCaffrey for a score should have been called back. Center Jake Brendel was downfield and should have been flagged for being an "ineligible man downfield."

Even with that assistance, the 49ers fell 25-22. And despite that penalty being missed, it was a rather clean game from the refs, making it very odd to hear Whitner complain now.

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