Former Browns quarterback drama: Brian Hoyer responds to Johnny Manziel

The Cleveland Browns had an interesting QB room back in 2014...

Brian Hoyer, Cleveland Browns
Brian Hoyer, Cleveland Browns / Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly one week ago, Johnny Manziel did what Johnny Manziel does — he found a way to get back into the spotlight. Arguably the biggest draft bust in Cleveland Browns history, Manziel continues to find ways to get attention. Whether it's by showing up in a fan-controlled league or revealing it all in a Netflix series, Manziel makes sure he stays relevant. And he loves to use the Browns as much as possible in that endeavor.

His latest foray back into the spotlight came courtesy of an appearance on "Club Shay Shay" with Shannon Sharpe. Manziel spoke on several topics and spent some time pointing the finger at Brian Hoyer for how the veteran quarterback treated him during his rookie campaign. Manziel said the QB room wasn't "a home for him" because of Hoyer.

On Tuesday, Hoyer responded to the claim from Manziel and seemed a bit shocked it was even brought up. First, he said Mac Jones reached out to him, making a joke of the situation. Jones was a rookie in New England while Hoyer was there and he didn't feel that animosity. Hoyer said he doesn't remember it being that way although he did say he was "apathetic" toward the rookie.

“Look, I’ll be honest, Johnny’s right, that was an opportunity for me to go out and be the starter for my hometown team, but I was kind of apathetic toward him I would say. I didn’t go out of my way to be a jerk to him, but in the same sense, I was trying to win this job and go out and perform the best I could. I feel sorry that he feels that way about it.

Hoyer added that any issue he had was with the owner or the GM, who were pushing Manziel over him despite the Texas A&M product being unprepared for the role.

Johnny Manziel admitted he didn't know what it took to succeed

The most ironic thing about all of this is how Manziel said he didn't know the work it would take to succeed in the NFL. He said it had always come easy for him and wasn't putting in the effort he needed to.

Now, imagine you're Brian Hoyer. An undrafted free agent who learned from Tom Brady and got a chance with his hometown team. He then leads that team on a 3-0 run before suffering a torn ACL. His reward for working back to health becomes a "quarterback battle" with an entitled rookie who is favored by everyone around him.

Hoyer had every right to be apathetic. And instead of pointing fingers at him and apologizing to LeBron James, Manziel should be apologizing to Hoyer.

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