Game-by-game predictions following 2024 Cleveland Browns schedule release

How will the Cleveland Browns fare in 2024?
Cleveland Browns
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Week 5: Browns at Commanders, Oct. 6

The Washington Commanders are ushering in a new era under head coach Dan Quinn. He added several free agents, including Dorance Armstrong and Dante Fowler, Jr., who played for him in Dallas.

Under center, Quinn turns to rookie Jayden Daniels, who had a great finish at LSU. He could wind up finally being their answer at quarterback but there will be growing pains as a rookie. Look for the Commanders to keep it close for a while thanks to their pass rush but eventually, the Cleveland defense forces a couple of mistakes and this one becomes a track meet by the fourth quarter.

Final Score: Browns 37, Commanders 20

Week 6: Browns at Eagles, Oct. 13

There was a time when it appeared the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles would start the season against one another in the first-ever game played in Brazil. That’s not what happened, however, as it ended up being the Eagles and Green Bay Packers facing off in the historic matchup.

Cleveland instead takes on the Eagles in Philly, which is a tough place to play. This was the No. 1 team in the league at one point in 2023 but they had a free-fall to close out the season. Don’t bet on that remaining the case this year as they get back on track. In this one, Jalen Hurts proves to be able to do too much with his legs as he leads his team to a win.

Final score: Eagles 31, Browns 23

Week 7: Browns vs. Bengals, Oct. 20

Last year, Cincinnati Bengals fans ripped on Cleveland fans relentlessly. As soon as it was announced the two teams would square off in Week 1, the trash talk hit an all-time high. They ignored the fact that Joe Burrow was 1-4 against the Browns coming into the game and had excuses for every loss.

Once the game took place, their tune changed. Suddenly, that contest meant nothing because the Browns won and Burrow’s bum calf was the latest reason to shrug it off.

Hopefully, Burrow will be 100 percent this time because when he falls to 1-6, the fans won’t be able to explain it away. They can still say it was Cleveland’s “Super Bowl” and act like it doesn’t matter — but it’s going to eat away at them in the worst way.

Final score: Browns 23, Bengals 19

Week 8: Browns vs Ravens, Oct. 27

The final time we saw Deshaun Watson in 2023 was easily his best game with the Browns. He had a dominant second-half performance, leading Cleveland to a come-from-behind win. That was the last meaningful loss in the regular season for the Ravens, who won six in a row before resting starters in Week 18.

Still favored to win the AFC North, they're going to want to enact some revenge on the Browns and they're able to do that in their first meeting of the year. Baltimore walks away with the win but as we saw in 2023, things don't always go as planned in the re-match.

Final score: Ravens 31, Browns 20

October Record: 2-2
Overall Record: 5-3