Game-by-game predictions following 2024 Cleveland Browns schedule release

How will the Cleveland Browns fare in 2024?
Cleveland Browns
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Week 13: Browns at Broncos (MNF), Dec. 2

After moving on from Russell Wilson — and eating more than $80 million to do so — the Denver Broncos will be turning to Bo Nix. The former Oregon signal-caller has his work cut out for him at the NFL level. He’s taking over a team that doesn’t have the deepest roster and while everyone loves to praise Sean Payton as a genius, it’s been a long time since he had a good team.

Cleveland should have no problem heading into Denver and running all over this team. Nix could be a solid pro but this isn’t the defense a rookie wants to face.

Final score: Browns 31, Broncos 9

Week 14: Browns at Steelers, Dec. 8

Cleveland plays the Steelers twice in a three-week period, which means they can hand them two losses as the season winds down. Chubb should again run wild while the Cleveland defense forces a couple of picks — perhaps from Justin Fields since Russell Wilson might be benched now. Browns win easily and sweep the Steelers.

Final score: Browns 31, Steelers 13

Week 15: Browns vs Chiefs, Dec. 15

Patrick Mahomes has been a thorn in the side of the Cleveland Browns — and every other team in the NFL since he took over as the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback. He’s just 28 years old but already has three Super Bowls (with three Super Bowl MVPs) and two MVP awards. Kansas City is coming off their second-straight Super Bowl win and looking to be the first team to ever three-peat in the NFL.

Cleveland will have issues slowing Mahomes down and he should be able to take advantage of the aggressive style Jim Schwartz brings to the table. On the other side of the ball, Kansas City has a vastly underrated defense which leaves the Browns scratching their heads.

Final score: Chiefs 36, Browns 17

Week 16: Browns at Bengals (TNF), Dec. 19

It would be nice to sweep the Bengals but that’s not an easy thing to do. The AFC North continues to be the toughest division in the NFL and while the Bengals missed out on the postseason in 2023, they were still 9-8.

This year, we have them finishing ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers but they still don’t pass the Browns in the standings. This game makes it close, however, as they sneak past their in-state rivals with a one-score win. Still, Joe Burrow will be 2-6 all-time against Cleveland should they split the series — so they still own him. Maybe now, they can go and knock them out of the playoffs to give their fans one more thing to be mad about.

Plus, it would be hilarious to see Ja’Marr Chase start freaking out about elves after being bounced from the postseason

Final score: Bengals 21, Browns 20

Week 17: Browns vs Dolphins (SNF), Dec. 29

It’s hard to figure out the Miami Dolphins. They have one of the most explosive offenses in the entire NFL under Mike McDaniel but they also have moments where they can’t seem to get out of their own way. With the high-profile players they have on offense, they should have been able to win the AFC East last year but wound up in second after losing a tiebreaker to the Buffalo Bills.

This year, they’re likely to once again battle bouts of inconsistency, especially on the road. That’s the case as they struggle in Cleveland to put up as many points as they would like. Having said that, they still do just enough to steal a win from the Browns who will likely have trouble with the Miami rushing attack.

Final score: Dolphins 23, Browns 21

Week 18: Browns at Ravens (TBD)

The Browns won the second meeting between them and the Ravens last year and they look to do that once again in 2024. They needed Deshaun Watson to go 14-of-14 for 139 yards to pull out the 33-31 win, but this time, they start with a lead and keep it throughout the game.

Nick Chubb leads the way with more than 100 yards and Myles Garrett shows up with multiple sacks in the second half. This one could be the for the AFC North but even if they don't take the division, Cleveland makes the playoffs with 11 wins.

Final score: Browns 24, Ravens 12

December/January Record: 3-3
Overall Record: 11-6