How the Cleveland Browns got to Joe Flacco at quarterback

It's always a journey for the Cleveland Browns, and this year is no different as Joe Flacco is likely their newest starting quarterback.

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On to PJ Walker and DTR:

After DTR completely flaked in his start vs. Baltimore, Kevin Stefanski turned the keys over to PJ Walker. At the time, this felt like the right move as the game felt too fast for the rookie and Walker at least had some starting NFL experience. Walker came away with victories against the Colts and 49ers and nearly came away with another win in Seattle before the return of Watson

He struggled with accuracy throughout his starts, but he always found a way to keep the game close. Walker made a few timely runs and was able to avoid pressure, but once Watson was ruled out for the season, I wasn’t shocked to see the coaches go back to DTR. Now that Flacco is in the mix, I'm also not surprised to see him pushed to the bottom of the depth chart again.

The rookie was forced into action, and all we heard from the staff was how much he had improved from that last start.  It was a situation where we knew what we could get from Walker, and the ceiling for DTR was much higher if given a chance. DTR got his first NFL win vs. the Steelers where his receivers let him down with crucial drops and gave his team a chance until the fourth quarter in Denver. 

Neither DTR nor Walker can carry this team on their back, but the roster is good enough for both to have some success if forced into action. Remember, the Browns had the ball down one score when they fumbled it and the Broncos scored almost instantly pushing it back to two scores.