How to watch the Cleveland Browns in the NFL Playoffs

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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If Cleveland Browns fans were told in August that by December the starting quarterback would be Joe Flacco, none of them would assume the team had made the playoffs.

Instead, they'd believe that it was just another year of pain and misery.

Yet, here we are. The Browns defense is excellent, the team is being led by near-40-year-old Joe Flacco and will take on the Texans in the Wild Card round.

So don't miss out on the playoffs. Make sure you've got the right gear and the right streaming service. If you don't, there's no need to worry. We've got your back.

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Cleveland Browns Jerseys

Obviously a jersey is a must-have for a playoff game. Whether you're watching from the couch or the stadium it's a perfect look.

You've got a ton of options here - including the aforementioned Flacco, defensive end Myles Garrett or some old school icons like Jim Brown and Joe Thomas.

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Cleveland Browns Shirts

Look, we've got Flacco Fever, you've got Flacco Fever, all of Cleveland has Flacco Fever.

So what are you waiting for? Gear up!

Myles Garrett
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How To Watch The Cleveland Browns In The NFL Playoffs

For our money - well, for your money - the best bet is probably fuboTV.

fuboTV has all the local channels in the Cleveland area (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX). It also has ESPN. So regardless of where the Browns are playing, you'll be able to watch them.

There are three plans to choose from, which vary in price from $75 to $95.

fuboTV Pro gives you 182 channels and 1,000 hours of Cloud DVR for $75 per month. Up to 10 devices can be watching on your home network, and two devices can stream while you're roaming.

fuboTV Elite keeps the DVR space the same, as well as the device limit, but gives you 247 channels - including more than 100 events in 4K. The price is $85.

fuboTV Premier is 256 channels (plus all the 4K events), the DVR space, the 10 device steaming. The price is $95.

A weeklong free trial is available as well.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns
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Cleveland Browns NFL Playoff History

The Browns are 17-21 all-time in the playoffs.

Cleveland snapped an 18-year streak of missing the playoffs in 2020 and defeated Pittsburgh in the Wild Card.

Before that, the team's last postseason victory came in 1994.

Joe Flacco
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Is Joe Flacco Elite?

Sure. Maybe not. We don't know. LOL.

The former Super Bowl MVP salvaged a season that seemed doomed after injuries. He's thrown for more touchdowns this year than in any season since 2018. He's completing 60 percent of his passes and owns a passer raiting of 90.2.

Not to mention, he already led the Browns to a win over the Texans on Christmas eve. In a 36-22 victory Flacco completed 27 passes and threw two touchdowns.

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