Johnny Manziel fires shots at former Browns teammate Brian Hoyer

Johnny Manziel admits he was a problem during his tenure with the Cleveland Browns but continues to point fingers

Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel
Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel / Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel is set on making himself the most relevant draft bust in NFL history. The former Cleveland Browns draft pick is making his annual media tour to discuss how things fell apart during his two years with the Browns. To summarize what actually happened, Manziel thought he wouldn't have to put in the work and cared more about partying than being a professional athlete.

He's said as much at times, including during his most recent return to the media spotlight. While on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast, Manziel said he was "oblivious" to the work ethic required to be an NFL quarterback. We all knew this but now, he decided he also needed to take some shots at Brian Hoyer — the Cleveland native who never should have been replaced by Manziel.

Johnny Football said that the quarterback room in Cleveland wasn't friendly toward him and put the blame for this on Hoyer.

“Brian Hoyer had been waiting on an opportunity to go really provide for his family, get an opportunity, and he saw how much of an upper hand he had on me – and he didn’t hold back when it came to that. So there were instances in the quarterback room early on where I would ask the same question a couple of times, and he’d be at the head of the table and go, ‘Again? We’re doing this again?

From there, Manziel then dug into the situation deeper and his words are surely why Hoyer reacted in such frustration.

“I didn’t know what work like that was. I didn’t know what the grind was because I was great at Texas A&M without it. So a sense of entitlement comes in that I can do it the same way because I don’t know any better.”

Brian Hoyer knew the Browns made a huge mistake in drafting Johnny Manziel

Hoyer, who was a former undrafted free agent had come in and went 3-0 in 2013 for his hometown team before suffering a torn ACL. He worked his way back to health but instead of getting a shot at being the unquestioned starter, he had to deal with the nightmare of publicity Manziel brought with him.

Throw in the fact that — in his own words — Manziel was entitled and oblivious, and Hoyer had to feel slighted by the team. Anyone in his shoes would have been frustrated to see someone unqualified being groomed to take their job — especially when this person was struggling to learn as they went along.

That was the case in 2014. Hoyer led the Browns to a 7-6 record which was a huge improvement for them. Still, everyone wanted to see Manziel because he was a former Heisman winner taken in Round 1. Hoyer saw a kid who was immature and selfish and would destroy the team he loved. Now Manziel. wants to act as if Hoyer was the bad guy? Sorry Mr. Football, that's not what happened here. Hoyer was done dirty and had every right to be frustrated with you and the entire organization.

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