Juan Thornhill set to silence Cleveland Browns critics

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The 2023 offseason seems to be no different for the Cleveland Browns than the recent past.  Andrew Berry has once again brought in a good amount of talent, and expectations are higher than ever for the organization. 

Not only has Berry added guys like Juan Thornhill, Dalvin Tomlinson, and Za’Darius Smith this offseason, but 2023 will also be the first full season with Deshaun Watson as the team’s quarterback. There was a good amount of rust to end the 2022 season, but things should be substantially better with a full off-season training program under his belt.

And while the Browns didn’t have an outspoken player on the team to end the 2022 season with the departures of Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry, Thornhill has already taken to Twitter to silence all of the doubters. 

Thornhill has promised that the 2023 season will be different and makes it clear that if you aren’t fully behind the organization, the organization doesn’t need your support at all.

On one hand, these types of cryptic tweets do nothing for me, the media stirs on it for a day or two and then nothing really comes of it. But on the other hand, as much as I dislike an arrogant and outspoken player, this team needs a vocal leader.

Guys like Denzel Ward, Myles Garrett, Nick Chubb, and even Amari Cooper are tremendous talents, but none of them are true locker-room leaders. If Thornhill can turn into the vocal leader that gets players fired up to give it their all every Sunday, I’m all for it! 

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I certainly hope he’s right, after two extremely disappointing seasons, fans are tired of getting their hopes up just to be let down.