NFL mock draft 2025: Browns finally pick in Round 1, land stud LT

Finally, the Browns have a pick in Round 1
Kelvin Banks Jr.
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Browns Round 3 Pick: Nazir Stackhouse, NT, Georgia

In Round 3, the Browns return to Athens for this selection.

Nazir Stackhouse is going to be a redshirt senior after deciding to return for the 2024 campaign. It was a bit of a surprise since he's been the starter at nose tackle for one of the best defenses in the nation but Stackhouse was ready to run it back for another season.

He can still improve his stock but if we're being honest, there's only so high a nose tackle can go. That's why the Browns are able to land him in Round 3 of this mock.

Adding Stackhouse will all but guarantee the end of the line for Siaki Ika, who was taken in Round 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft. Ika is a massive player but despite his size, he hardly saw the field as a rookie and was pushed around more than expected when he did get a chance. He will be able to prove himself this year but the Browns went heavy at D-tackle in free agency and the draft which does him no favors.

The good news for Cleveland is that Dalvin Tomlinson is still under contract for two more years. That means even if Ika doesn't take the next step, they still have their starter. Adding Stackhouse just gives them a No. 2 nose tackle for 2025 capable of taking over full-time in his second season.

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