NFL Power 2024 Rankings: Cleveland Browns in top 10 entering OTAs

How do the Browns stack up in the latest 2024 NFL Power Rankings?
Cleveland Browns
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16. Atlanta Falcons

It’s hard to see what the Falcons were thinking when they took Michael Penix. They just added Kirk Cousins and could have used that pick to really bolster the offense around him. At least Arthur Smith is gone though, so they can finally use Bijan Robinson the right way.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars

Sometimes the Jaguars look to be on the verge of breaking out, other times they can’t buy a win. They need to find some sort of consistency this year or Doug Pederson will have some tough questions to answer.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Baker Mayfield found new life with the Bucs. They’re the favorites in that division again after retaining Mike Evans.

13. New York Jets

If Aaron Rodgers stays healthy, the Jets could be a problem in the AFC. But he’s over 40 and coming off a ruptured Achilles so we need to see it before we get too excited.

12. Miami Dolphins

The No. 1 offense in terms of yardage just added Odell Beckham, Jr. as their WR3 and Jaylen Wright in the draft. This offense will be fun to watch but not fun to play against.

11. Cincinnati Bengals

We have to give the Bengals their respect. When Joe Burrow is on the field, they can beat anyone. Well, anyone but the Browns. They have his number.

10. Dallas Cowboys

Constantly hated, the Dallas Cowboys have been great in the regular season for the past three years. The playoffs, however, are a different story.

9. Detroit Lions

Dan Campbell keeps getting it done even though he’s full of unorthodox moves. We’ll see if he and the Lions can win the NFC North against the hot Packers this year.