NFL Power Rankings: Browns sit atop the AFC North heading into Week 1

• Chiefs remain on top of the mountain

• Are the Eagles still the best in the NFC?

• Can the Cleveland Browns climb to the top of the AFC North?

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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8. Miami Dolphins

If the Miami Dolphins had found a way to land Jonathan Taylor, they would have been nearly impossible to beat. That is, as long as they could have done it without caving into the Colts' insane demands for a star player and premium pick for a running back.

Even without Taylor, this offense is impressive. Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill might be the best receiving duo in the NFL. The only concern is whether or not Tua Tagovailoa can stay healthy.

7. Los Angeles Chargers

Kellen Moore left Dallas and will now call plays for the Los Angeles Chargers. As much grief as the Cowboys get, Moore was actually really good during his time with them. Now without an invasive owner, he can truly unleash his offense. And that should be great for Justin Herbert.

6. New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers is one team away from truly morphing into Brett Favre, but the Jets are hoping he gives them more than eight wins. It seems as though that should be the case but it's hard to break free from your destiny. And for Rodgers, that destiny is to become the man he once loathed.

5. Dallas Cowboys

Even with Kellen Moore out, the Cowboys believe their offense can take a step forward in 2023. Their rushing attack should improve since they eliminated a hole when they released Ezekiel Elliott and were able to retain Tony Pollard. They also brought in Brandin Cooks to open up the passing game and Stephon Gilmore to help them slow down the opposing team's receivers.

The only thing that could screw this up would be an owner who likes to get his hands in everything and muddy the waters. Thank goodness the Cowboys don't have to worry about that.