Predicting the Cleveland Browns final 5 games of the season

The Cleveland Browns can get into the playoffs with a strong finish, but will they be able to pull it off?

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Week 15: Chicago Bears @ Cleveland Browns

After getting their eighth win in our previous prediction, the Browns will now host the Chicago Bears in Week 15. The last time these two teams played, Cleveland held the Bears to just 47 yards total. They averaged 1.1 yards per play during a historical defensive performance.

This year, the Browns defense is even better than what we saw in 2021. Even if players such as Myles Garrett aren’t back to 100 percent, or if Denzel Ward is still out, this is a game Cleveland will handle with no problems. They’ll be able to pressure the Bear's quarterback, Justin Fields, and while he’s mobile, there’s more than enough speed on the edge and at linebacker to keep him from taking over the game.

Chicago has been able to move the ball at times and they’re more productive on offense this year with D.J. Moore at receiver. Having said that, there aren't enough weapons for them to make the Browns pay for focusing on shutting down Moore. This should be another lopsided one as Cleveland gets their ninth win at home. They might need another win, maybe two, to get into the postseason but this would be enough for a winning record which is huge given the adversity they’ve faced.

Final Score: Browns 27, Bears 6
Browns Record: 9-5