Ranking the Cleveland Browns 4 worst moves of the 2023 offseason

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2. Ignoring the slot

There was a lot of chatter about the slot cornerback position in Cleveland, and for good reason. Last year, Greg Newsome II was put in that role and he clearly didn't like it. He even responded to someone on Twitter simply saying "NO" when asked about playing the slot.

All of this blew up when he switched agents and reports surfaced that he would demand a trade — which is usually what happens when players retain Drew Rosenhaus. Newsome refuted those reports and now, it seems as though he's willing to do whatever it takes for Jim Schwartz. He called the position debate "last year's issue" and looks forward to working with Schwartz according to Ashley Bastock of Cleveland.com.

"That was a last year’s issue. Now, with a new defensive coordinator, just being able to sit down, talk to him, see a new scheme and things like that. I feel like a little bit last year, I feel like I was more of a linebacker in certain instances than an actual cornerback. Talking to Jim Schwartz and being able to get in his new scheme and things like that, I feel like we’ll work very well together."

Newsome via Cleveland.com

Schwartz could very well get Newsome to play in the slot but it also would have been wise to add another player capable of playing there. One reason, beyond Newsome being solid on the outside, is simple depth.

Cleveland has seen one injury after another at cornerback, which is how we learned just how good Martin Emerson was as a rookie. They did add Cameron Mitchell in the fifth round of the draft but he too spent more time on the outside.

They clearly have a plan but adding a strong slot option seems as though it would have been a win.