Ranking the Cleveland Browns 5 best moves of the offseason

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
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1. Adding Jim Schwartz as Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator

Three of the first four top moves for Cleveland include adding new defensive talent. If we were to extend this list to a top 10, several other defenders would make the list including Ogbo Okoronkwo, Rodney McLeod, Siaki Ika, and Isaiah McGuire.

Simply put, the Browns have done a great job bringing in new faces to a defense that really needed a shot in the arm. And while each of these players should have a role going forward, the best move made was adding a new defensive coordinator, who will be able to get the most out of each of them — and will also help the remaining defenders improve as well.

Following the decision to move on from Joe Woods, Cleveland signed Jim Schwartz who had decades of experience — as well as a Super Bowl ring as a D-Coordinator which he earned in 2017 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Woods wound up being a scapegoat but the truth is, it wasn't working. Schwartz, on the other hand, has been successful everywhere he's been.

He has experience not only as a coordinator but as a head coach as well. His addition should turn the defense around, especially given the success he's had with coaching defensive lines.

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Cleveland could have had a winning season in 2022 even with all their issues had their defense been better, especially against the run. There's faith that will be the case in 2023 and Schwartz is the main reason for that hope.