Ranking the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator candidates

As the Cleveland Browns hone in on their new offensive coordinator, here is a ranking of what appears to be the four finalists.

Kellen Moore, Browns
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As the Cleveland Browns plow full steam ahead into the offseason, it appears we are getting closer and closer to seeing who Kevin Stefanski will bring in as the offensive coordinator. The Browns offense faced many challenges in 2023 because of injuries, but this change appears to be geared toward getting the most out of Deshaun Watson.

Once again, the sample size was limited as he missed most of the season with a shoulder injury, but he still looked a bit mechanical in this offense even though he managed to go 5-1 as a starter. The path forward appears to include more shotgun and down-the-field plays, but this entire roster may need fine-tuning to ensure this plan goes smoothly. 

There's no doubt that pressure is on for both Andrew Berry and Stefanski who need to show a return on the massive trade to bring Watson here. The team making the playoffs in 2023 certainly helps, but it still feels like Jimmy Haslem expects more.

Here is a ranking of the four most likely offensive coordinators for 2024.

Browns OC Candidate No. 4: Brian Johnson

To be blunt, I’m not a fan of this interview, but it appears that the Cleveland Browns are at least willing to consider him. From what we have seen, Brian Johnson comes from an Eagles staff that was underprepared and underqualified at times which led to their second-half collapse in 2023.

Nick Sirianni is most to blame for the Eagles collapse, but it appears that Johnson became the scapegoat for him to keep his job. But just as the Eagles will be looking for a coordinator with a lot of experience, the Browns should be doing the same.

Of all the serious candidates, I don’t see a scenario where Stefasnki continues to call plays which is the right move. But if Brian Johnson was brought in, I would not feel comfortable with him calling plays.  He loves to run his quarterback which could lead to injury and hasn’t figured out how to close a season.

Johnson is a past quarterback coach who could help Watson and was a part of some powerful offenses that make him desirable on paper, but I hope the Browns don’t go that direction.