Ranking the opposing head coaches on the Browns 2024 schedule

How do the Cleveland Browns opponents in 2024 stack up against the two-time Head Coach of the Year?
Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh
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When the Cleveland Browns 2024 NFL schedule dropped, the majority of fans immediately focus on things like: who you face to kick off the season, what quarterbacks are you facing, or when is the bye week. But which head coaches you face off against is equally as important as any of those aforementioned factors. In 2023, Browns fans got an up-close view of the difference a head coach can make for a team when things do not go according to plan.

Of the 14 head coaches that the Browns will see in the 2024 regular season, 10 of them have led their team to a Super Bowl appearance, six have won a Lombardi Trophy, and five have won an NFL Coach of the Year award. Now, how do they stack up with each other? Let’s do the thing and rank them.

Ranking the 14 opposing head coaches on the Browns 2024 schedule

No. 14: Antonio Pierce, Oakland Raiders

Is it unfair to place Antonio Pierce last on this list? Maybe. But we have seen interim head coaches give their team a spark, only to watch that spark fizzle out once they receive the full-time head coach gig the following season. Is Pierce the exception to the rule? Only time will tell, but I would not bet on it.

No. 13: Dennis Allen, New Orleans Saints

When the New Orleans Saints had to pivot away from Sean Payton they turned to their defensive coordinator, Dennis Allen, to helm the ship. Allen had previously been the head coach of the Raiders where he amassed a record of 8-28. In his two seasons as the Saints head coach, Allen’s record has been a middling 16-18. If things do not turn around for Allen in 2024, it feels like this captain of a rudderless boat could be thrown overboard.

No. 12: Dan Quinn, Washington Commanders

Dan Quinn is entering his second stint as an NFL head coach in 2024. Quinn’s first opportunity came with the Atlanta Falcons from 2015-2020, where he amassed a 43-42 record. The high water mark for Quinn’s time in Atlanta was the 2016 season where he led the Falcons to the Super Bowl.

However, in hindsight most people associate the Falcons success that season to then offensive coordinator Kyle Shannahan. Quinn spent the last three seasons leading a successful Dallas Cowboys defense and, in the process, made himself a viable head coaching candidate. Will Quinn be able to be the reason that the Washington Commanders finally take flight?

No. 11: Brian Daboll, New York Giants

Brian Daboll is entering his third season as the New York Giants head coach. It took eight seasons as an offensive coordinator with various teams to get that vaunted head coaching opportunity, and he did not squander it. In 2022, Daboll was voted NFL coach of the year by leading what was viewed as a basement dweller to the playoffs and getting his quarterback, Daniel Jones, paid along the way. In 2023, the Giants regressed with a 6-11 record. Can Daboll bounce back and make the Giants and Danny Dimes relevant again?