Ranking the opposing QBs on the Cleveland Browns 2023 schedule

• A familiar face

• A couple of rookies

• Warhorse in the big apple

• King of the North?

New York Jets v New York Giants
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QB No. 6: Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

The Broncos let Russell Wilson cook in 2022 and this dish came out very underwhelming. Whether it was a failed marriage of player and system or just a guy in a new place trying to find himself again, the bottom line was it didn’t work. But there might be a simpler answer right in front of our faces, it could just be an anomaly.

Either way, the Broncos decided to give the axe to Nathaniel Hackett and throw money at Sean Payton to get to leave his cushy studio gig. It should be noted that the Broncos also had to give the Saints a first, second, and third-round draft picks over the next two seasons to acquire Payton.

While Wilson may never reach the heights that he did at his peak in Seattle, Payton will surely get more out of Russell in 2023. Wilson also took it upon himself to reshape his physique this offseason, which could be an indicator of how Payton plans to utilize the quarterback. Could 2023 be the return of ‘Danger’ Russ Wilson?

QB No. 5: Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, the Rams were defending Super Bowl Champions and Matthew Stafford was receiving plenty of flowers. Then after an injury-plagued season and a soft rebuild, Stafford appears to be an afterthought.

When healthy, Stafford is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL — full stop. By all accounts, Stafford is entering 2023 with a clean bill of health, which makes him dangerous for any opposing defense. The questions surrounding the Rams offense center more on wide receiver Cooper Kupp’s health than it does Stafford’s.

But with Stafford under center and head coach Sean McVay dialing up the plays, the Rams could be on a bit of a revenge tour in 2023. The question is, will Stafford’s ability be enough to overcome the abundance of youth on the Rams’ roster? Tune in to find out.