Ranking the top 10 Cleveland Browns defensive linemen of all-time

Who are the best defensive linemen to ever suit up for the Cleveland Browns all-time?
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8. Paul Wiggin, DE (1957-1967)

Notable stats in Cleveland: 60.5 sacks, sixth-most in Browns history (unofficial stats), 19 fumble recoveries

Born in Modesto, California, Paul Wiggin ended up at Stanford following a stint with Modesto Junior College. He did enough during his collegiate days to land with the Browns at pick No. 73 in the 1956 NFL Draft.

Wiggin then spent his entire NFL career with the Browns and in 11 seasons he made it to the Pro Bowl twice and helped win a championship following the 1964 campaign.

While sacks weren't an official stat until 1982, Pro Football Reference did go back to the 1960 campaign and record the statistics themselves. These unofficial numbers won't go down in any record book but for someone such as Wiggin, it does at least show how he stacked up against those who came after him.

Wiggin has an unofficial total of 60.5 sacks but that doesn't include his first three seasons in the NFL. Still, it's enough for him to be sixth in franchise history.

In addition to the number of times he took the quarterback down, Wiggin was also credited with three interceptions and an impressive 19 fumble recoveries. That includes four in each of his final two seasons in the league, and he had more than anyone in the NFL in 1967.