Ranking the top 10 Cleveland Browns defensive linemen of all-time

Who are the best defensive linemen to ever suit up for the Cleveland Browns all-time?
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6. Len Ford, DE (1950-1957)

Notable stats in Cleveland: 4-Time First-Team All-Pro, 3-Time Pro Bowler

The Cleveland Browns dominated the AAFC for four years but one of their best defensive linemen of all time actually played for a different franchise in the old league. Len Ford was undrafted out of Michigan and began his career with the Los Angeles Dons.

While there, he played offense and defense and was a very successful receiver. He had 31 receptions for 598 yards and seven touchdowns in his first season and then put up 577 yards and 36 receptions — with just one touchdown — in 1949.

Once the AAFC was disbanded and the Dons weren't brought into the NFL, Ford entered what was known as the AAFC Dispersal Draft. There, he was selected by the Browns where he became a star.

Ford was converted to the defensive line full-time by Paul Brown and ended up making the Pro Bowl four times while also getting four First-Team All-Pro nods. He was also a part of three NFL Championships, as Cleveland won titles in 1950, 1954, and 1955.

Throughout his career, Ford was considered an innovative player on defense. He might not have put up eye-popping stats but he was a tactician that knew how to win with different moves.

He was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1976.