Ranking the top 10 Cleveland Browns quarterbacks of all-time

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Entering the 2023 season, the Cleveland Browns are building their entire roster around Deshaun Watson with the hopes that he can turn them into contenders. Watson has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL but has a lot to prove in Cleveland.

The hope for this franchise is that he not only succeeds but can finish his career as one of the best signal-callers to ever wear the orange and brown. In order for that to happen, these are some of the names he would have to surpass.

Cleveland Browns top 10 QBS of all-time

10. Mike Phipps, 1970-1976

Regular season record: 24-25-2
Playoff Record: 0-3

No. 9 All-Time Browns passing yardage: 7,700

Coming in at No. 10 is Mike Phipps, who was actually acquired in one of the least popular trades in team history. The Browns wanted a backup quarterback they could groom behind Bill Nelson, so they traded Paul Warfield to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for Phipps, who was the No. 3 overall pick in the 1970 NFL Draft.

Warfield was a dynamic playmaker who had come off his second season in a row with double-digit touchdowns. He went on to have a lot of success for Miami over the next five seasons — making the Pro Bowl in each campaign. He was even part of their perfect team in 1972.

Phipps ended up having a decent run in 1972 himself, leading the Browns to a record of 10-3. He followed that up with a 7-5-2 campaign but was never close to being as impactful as Warfield, who might be the best wideout to ever play in Cleveland.

Phipps was traded to the Bears in 1977 and the Browns were able to land Ozzie Newsome with the selection they acquired which eases the pain of the lopsided trade they made with Miami.

Even with that trade being a disappointment, Phipps was still semi-successful with a 24-25-2 mark in 51 starts.