Ranking the top 10 Cleveland Browns quarterbacks of all-time

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9. Tim Couch, 1999-2003

Regular season record: 22-37

No. 6 All-Time Browns passing yardage: 11,131

One of the more unfortunate players in Cleveland history has to be Tim Couch. Taken first overall in the 1999 NFL Draft, the Kentucky product was given the nearly impossible task of taking an expansion team and turning them into winners.

That's a tough ask on its own but it became even more difficult for Couch, who didn't have much to work with. But even with the lack of weapons around him, he had some flashes — including when he threw a game-winning Hail Mary touchdown to Kevin Johnson, giving the franchise their first win following their rebirth.

As much fun as that pass was, Couch and the Browns had very little to celebrate that year. He led them to a 2-12 record in his 14 starts. But he did start to show improvement over the next three seasons.

Couch was 2-5 in 2000 but a broken thumb ended his season prematurely. He then returned in 2001 and was 7-9 as the starter before finally helping them make the playoffs in 2002. That year, Cleveland was 8-6 with Couch under center and 1-1 with Kelly Holcomb.

That was enough to make the playoffs but Couch was unable to suit up and they were one-and-done.

Injuries continued to be an issue for Couch as he played just one more season. Following a 3-5 stretch in 2003, he was released. He went to Green Bay but a shoulder injury held him back there. He continued to try and make it back, even signing with the Jaguars in 2007 but didn't make the final roster.

Oftentimes, Couch is referred to as a bust but the truth is, the Browns let him down. Had they given him a better offensive line and capable ground game, he might not have been beaten up as badly as he was.