Ranking the top 10 Cleveland Browns quarterbacks of all-time

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7. Milt Plum, 1957-1961

Regular season record: 33-16-2
Playoff Record: 0-2
Pro Bowl Selections: 2 (1960-1961)

No. 8 All-Time Browns passing yardage: 8,914

Selected 17th overall in the 1957 NFL Draft (which was in the second round at the time), Milt Plum was brought in as a quarterback the Browns thought could eventually lead them to the success they were used to during Otto Graham's tenure.

As a rookie, he started three games and while he led Cleveland to a 2-1 record, he was far from the quarterback he would develop into. By his third season, he was the NFL completion percentage leader — a title he held for three consecutive seasons.

Plum was also the NFL passing yardage leader in 1960, which wound up being the first of two years he would make the Pro Bowl. He was so good for Cleveland, that he actually kept Len Dawson on the bench.

His tenure with the Browns came to an end in 1962 when he was traded to the Detroit Lions. Once there, it was evident how much he was aided by the strong rushing attack in Cleveland. Plum spent six seasons in Detroit and never made another Pro Bowl.

He also saw his completion percentage take a nose dive and went from a 66-to-39 touchdown-to-interception ratio in Cleveland to a 55-to-87 ratio in Detroit.