Ranking the top 10 Cleveland Browns quarterbacks of all-time

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2. Bernie Kosar, 1985-1993

Regular season record: 53-51-1

Playoff Record: 3-4

Pro Bowl Selections: 1 (1987)

No. 3 All-Time Browns passing yardage: 21,904

Born in Youngstown, Ohio, Bernie Kosar was a local kid who got to live out his dream and play for the Cleveland Browns. However, his path to Cleveland was a but controversial.

Due to rules at the time, underclassmen couldn't enter the NFL Draft but Kosar still left Miami and stated his desire to join the league in 1985. He also said at the time he wanted to play for Cleveland.

In order to become eligible to play in the NFL, he finished his degree program on an expedited schedule but didn't sign his intent to enter the draft before the deadline. That drew the ire of the Minnesota Vikings, who traded up for the No. 1 pick in order to land Kosar.

It seemed the Browns knew what they were doing, however, as they had previously traded their first and third-round picks in 1985 and their first and sixth in 1986 to the Buffalo Bills for their spot in the Supplemental Draft. That's where they wound up taking Kosar, who spent the next nine seasons as their quarterback.

Kosar was easily the most beloved Cleveland quarterback in decades and kept the team competetive for the majority of his career. He led them to a 53-51-1 record and made the playoffs four times. He finished 3-4 in the postseason and was never able to get over the hump.

Eventually, he was released in favor of Vinny Testaverde, who was the prefered quarterback for Bill Belichick. Kosar made the most of this in-season release as he joined the Dallas Cowboys midway through the 1993 campaign and won a Super Bowl — even getting the final kneel down to celebrate with his new team.

To this day, Bernie Kosar remains an active member of the Browns family and is universally loved for his performance in the 1980s and 1990s.