Regrading the Browns 2023 NFL Draft: Andrew Berry struggled in Round 3

Round 3 was not kind to the Browns in the 2023 NFL Draft
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As things start to ramp up for the 2024 draft, the Cleveland Browns coaching staff and Andrew Berry are deep in their draft board preparation. And while there was a stretch where the Browns had a handful of picks in the top 100, this year, they will only have five total picks because of recent trade activities.

The good news for fans, this is the final year of not having a first-round pick because of the Deshaun Watson trade. But as we take a deeper dive at last year's draft class, it’s impressive that the team performed as well as they did. The organization only drafted one player last year who had an impact on the season. 

Here is a breakdown of every pick from 2023.

Cleveland Browns Pick No. 190 and 142

Round 6: Luke Wypler, C

Locals are familiar with Luke Wypler as he was a two-year starter for Ohio State. Truthfully, that’s a huge advantage with this fan base and you’re instantly given a little more slack when it comes to development.

Wypler saw the field for a few snaps in 2023 because the injuries were so horrific, but he was really just a depth piece and will likely remain the same this upcoming year. Reports are that the potential is there, so for such a late-round pick, it feels like a decent chance that Berry got some strong value.

Round 5: Cameron Mitchell, CB

Now I must admit when Cameron Mitchell got thrown into a few games because of the injuries in the secondary last year I was terrified, but he did get some valuable experience with all the issues at safety.

It doesn’t appear that Mitchell is ever going to be a lockdown NFL corner, but he appears to have good ball skills and the ability to step in at safety when needed. It’s also worth mentioning that Mitchell got a lot of snaps on special teams and was a much better performer at the end of the year.

Again, we haven’t seen enough to really come to a conclusion, but it certainly feels like there is some upside.