These NFL Draft nightmare scenarios would be a dream for the Browns

So hopefully they all happen.
2018 NFL Draft
2018 NFL Draft / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

If we hadn't gotten there already, Monday marked the official beginning of peak Silly Mock Draft SZN. There simply isn't anything more to talk about, but since we still have four days, things get weird. Ideas get a bit far-fetched, but those ripe clicks don't wait for anyone – the draft is only three days long, while Draft SZN is (unfortunately) 362 days long.

The latest draft content heat check comes from Bleacher Report, who recently published a piece called "Describing Every Team's Nightmare 2024 NFL Draft in 1 Sentence." To their credit, it is actually exactly what it sounds like. They simply assign each team one bummer of a sentence and move on. It's efficient, if nothing else.

And of course we were interested in what the nightmare scenarios across the AFC North would be, because if there's one thing better than drafting a future team great, it's the other teams failing. Winning is only fun because it means other teams lost. So, without further ado, here's how the rest of the AFC could fail spectacularly this weekend.

Baltimore Ravens: A major first-round run on offensive linemen.

Cincinnati Bengals: When they're on the clock in the No. 18 spot, primo offensive linemen Fashanu, JC Latham, Troy Fautanu and Taliese Fuaga are all gone.

Cleveland Browns: The Ravens and Bengals both land steals along the offensive line while the Browns watch Round 1 from the sideline.

Pittsburgh Steelers: When they're on the clock in the No. 20 spot, primo offensive linemen Fashanu, Latham, Fautanu, Fuaga, Amarius Mims and Jackson Powers-Johnson are all gone.

I love how every single outcome is just basically "no good linemen are left." The AFC North! And since the Browns don't have a first round pick this year, fans in Cleveland only really have to worry about other teams in the divisions making mistakes. And that is truly the best way to watch an NFL Draft. So go ahead and celebrate with each lineman taken off the board on Thursday night.