This Santa Claus Funko POP! figure is a great Cleveland Browns gift idea


Ho, ho, hold up! We've got something special that's about to sleigh this holiday season - Cleveland Browns Funko POP! Santa Claus figures! These jolly vinyl figures are the perfect mix of Christmas cheer and football fandom, and they're ready to make your holiday decorations a touchdown.

Imagine Santa Claus all geared up in your favorite NFL team's colors. Yep, he's rocking those team-specific colors, cleats, and even has your team's logo on his iconic hat. But here's the kicker (pun intended): Santa's got some presents on hand. Because he’s the Christmas MVP.

What's even better? You don't have to wait for Santa to deliver these goodies. These Funko POP! Santas are in-stock and ready to ship right now, straight to your chimney - ummm we mean, doorstep. And the price? 

Just $14.99, which makes them a super-affordable option.

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So, why wait until the last minute to get your Christmas shopping done? These Fanatics-exclusive Santa Claus figures are the perfect stocking stuffers for NFL fans in your life. Whether it's for your buddy who never misses a game or your kid who's just getting into football, these Funko POP! Santas are a touchdown of a gift.

Don't be a Grinch; spread the holiday cheer with this Cleveland Browns Funko POP! Santa Claus figure. Get 'em now and make this Christmas extra special for your favorite football fanatics.

Or, get one for yourself. We won’t tell.

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