This stat shows just how depressing the Browns QB situation has been

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Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Cleveland Browns fans are well aware that the team hasn't been known for having reliable quarterbacks since the team re-entered the league in 1999. One of the most well-known Browns memes is the one of the jersey with every single Browns starting quarterback's last name on it (with new ones being added seemingly every season).

Well, in a recent stat shared on the NFL subreddit, the Browns are one of four teams who have not had a quarterback throw for 30+ touchdowns in a single season this century. The last time the Browns did have a quarterback throw for 30 touchdowns was in 1980 when Brian Sipe did so.

The other three teams also in this category are Chicago, Miami, and Washington. Dan Marino last did it for the Dolphins in 1994, Sonny Jurgensen did so for Washington, and the Bears have never had a 30-touchdown season from a quarterback ever. So, it could be worse apparently.

Baker Mayfield came close to 30 touchdowns on two separate occasions, throwing for 27 scores as a rookie in 2018 and 26 touchdowns in 2020, the first time the Browns had made the playoffs in nearly two decades. Perhaps had Mayfield started for Cleveland right out of the gate as a rookie, he'd have hit the 30 touchdown mark and we wouldn't be sitting here talking about this stat.

No Browns QB has thrown for 30 touchdowns in a season this century

The Browns swung for the fences two years ago to trade for Deshaun Watson, guaranteeing him $230 million in the process. It was a controversial move then considering the charges against him and clearly the move has been a bad one on the field as well, as he's thrown for just 14 touchdowns in two seasons.

Unfortunately, the Browns can't get out of Watson's contract anytime soon so they're stuck with him for the foreseeable future. Will he be able to break this streak?