Top-10 games Nick Chubb has had with the Cleveland Browns

Nick Chubb has been a dynamic running back for the Cleveland Browns and has put together some sensational games. Here are his top 10 performances.

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We are all watching history in the making when we start talking about Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb. While it's still somewhat early in that career, Chubb has marched up the leaderboard of Cleveland greats and will be on the doorstep of Jim Brown and his legacy by the end of this upcoming season.

Chubb has been with the Browns since 2018 and the running back from Georgia has proven his worth over and over again. His consistent and extraordinary efforts over these past five seasons have been awesome to witness. He currently has gained 6,341 yards and is ranked fourth on the Browns all-time running back list only behind Mike Pruitt, Leroy Kelly, and Jim Brown. 

Will Chubb get to those career numbers like the 12, 230 total yards rushing that Brown collected in a nine-year career? Time's still on Chubb's side as he enters his sixth season with the team.

Recently, my colleague at DPD, Dan Gilinsky reported that CBS Sports writer Pete Prisco ranked Chubb at No. 33 overall of the Top 100 players in the NFL. He was listed as the No. 3 running back only behind San Francisco 49ers Christian McCaffrey and Tennessee Titans Derrick Henry. 

I’d personally rank Chubb as the No. 1 back in the NFL since he’s shown the most consistency of this distinct group. His yards-per-carry average is also the best in the group. If the Browns can get to the postseason in the years to come and Chubb can continue to run with purpose then he should also become a future Hall of Famer.

While we wait to see how all this plays out for Chubb, I had a chance to go back through his previous seasons and find 10 games that were some of his best games. There are simply so many great games that having to narrow it down to 10 was difficult, but we gave it a shot.

No 10: The Oakland Raiders Game in 2018

Introducing Nick Chubb! After not being used to start the 2018 season because of coaches that were ignorant (insert head coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley) the youngster exploded onto the scene and made an immediate impact with two long rushing touchdowns in a Week 4 matchup out in Oakland.

Chubb's first run went for 63 yards early in the first half. The second score was a 41-yard rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter. It was really something special to watch and immediately everybody knew that Chubb would be something special for the Browns. He only had three carries in the game but he went for 105 yards.

The fact that Jackson and Haley held him out of games till then should be considered a crime. Even with the late start to the 2018 season for Chubb he only finished a few yards short of 1,000 yards.