Top-10 games Nick Chubb has had with the Cleveland Browns

Nick Chubb has been a dynamic running back for the Cleveland Browns and has put together some sensational games. Here are his top 10 performances.
Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders
Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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No. 9: The Pittsburgh Steelers home game in 2020 to send the Browns to playoffs

In a game that Cleveland had to win to reach the playoffs in 2020, Chubb was spectacular. He started the scoring for his team with a dazzling burst of speed and finesse as he ran past Steeler defenders for a 47-yard touchdown. He also had multiple 10 yards or more carries and finished the game with 108 yards on only 14 carries. 

No.8: The Washington home game in 2020

Who can forget this game where Chubb made some incredible cuts on runs early and then later on scampers to score some impressive touchdowns against the Washington Football Team? Analysts and others still couldn’t believe what they were watching, but Browns fans knew that Chubb was a special running back. 

Chubb scored on a brilliant 16-yard run in the second quarter and then came back again late in the fourth quarter for a 20-yard blast that sealed the game for the Browns. Before his first score, he almost broke a score earlier but was able to get the next one after studying the defense.

It was a great example of how Chubb studies his opponent and the challenge in front of him. His instincts and feel for the game are the best in the game.

No. 7: The Los Angeles Chargers away game in 2021

In this game, Chubb was fantastic and his team should have won but ultimately lost. He scored early in the third quarter with a magnificent 52-yard burst and had other lengthy runs of 11, 13, 20, and 24 yards.

However, like so many other games, the Browns defense collapsed and could not hold the lead and win a game they should have won. On the day Chubb finished with 161 yards on 21 carries. He was literally unstoppable like a runaway train.