Top-10 games Nick Chubb has had with the Cleveland Browns

Nick Chubb has been a dynamic running back for the Cleveland Browns and has put together some sensational games. Here are his top 10 performances.
Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders
Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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No. 6: The New York Jets home game in 2022

In this Week 2 matchup with the New York Jets, Chubb really dominated in the second half when he scored an impressive touchdown around the left-hand side close to the goal line with under two minutes to play.

It seemed that the Browns had a lock on the win. Unfortunately, the Cleveland defense had other things on its mind and allowed the Jets to incredibly come back and win in the last seconds.

No. 5 The Cincinnati Bengals away game in 2021. 

He only ran the ball 17 times but went for 144 yards. He was unstoppable in this Cleveland blowout win against the Cincinnati Bengals. He had a 1-yard TD run and a 70-yard sprint to the end zone.

No.4: The Atlanta Falcons home game in 2018

"Chubba Wubba Hub" to the house is how Cleveland radio personality Jim Donovan described Chubb as he torched the Falcons and went for some amazing long-distance runs in this blowout win back in 2018. The running back went first for a 13-yard touchdown and then had the longest rushing touchdown in Browns history going for 92 yards as Donovan made the call.

For the game, Chubb went for 176 yards on 20 carries and had two touchdowns.