Top 10 greatest players of all-time in Cleveland Browns history

  • Jim Brown is forever
  • Leroy Kelly was all about dominance
  • Joe Thomas proved o-linemen can achieve greatness

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4. Otto Graham, QB

Modern NFL fans would look at Otto Graham's statistics and perhaps try to diminish the impact he had on the game and on Browns' history. Compared to modern NFL quarterbacks, Otto Graham's stats are unimpressive.

But Graham was one of the most dominant players of his era, helping his team win 7 of the 10 championships they appeared in. Although teams were still primarily running the ball during this era, Graham helped revolutionize the NFL's passing game and he was known for being one of the most feared players in the game.

He was named MVP three times and he led the league in passing yards five times. Back in the 40s and 50s, the Browns were football's dynasty, and Otto Graham was the Patrick Mahomes of the day.

3. Ozzie Newsome, TE

Many NFL fans today know Ozzie Newsome more for his tremendous work as general manager of the Baltimore Ravens, although that is undoubtedly a bit of a touchy topic for Browns fans. For those who do not know, the Ravens were born in 1996 after then-Browns owner Art Modell relocated the franchise to Baltimore, renaming it and re-branding it.

Newsome was the Ravens' GM from day one, and they quickly became a powerhouse in the NFL thanks to his outstanding eye for talent and team-building.

Before Newsome became a legendary NFL general manager, he was a legendary NFL tight end. To this day, Newsome remains the all-time leading receiver in Browns history at 7,980 yards and he ranks 5th in team history with 47 receiving touchdowns.

And as of right now, no one appears to be in sight of possibly breaking his franchise receiving record.