Top 10 Most Important Players On the Browns Roster for 2023

• Kickers are always important

• The Browns have the best RB in the NFL

• Without a QB, there's no chance

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
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4. Nick Chubb, RB

Nick Chubb has been one of the most important players on the roster. He's consistently great and arguably the best running back in the NFL. The numbers are the only proof you need when talking about how important Chubb is to this team.

He doesn't miss time, missing only six games in his career. The Browns also have a winning record when Chubb gets 13 touches a game, with the numbers getting better when you reach 15-20 carries a game.

The offense may not be as run-heavy in years past, but that does not mean Nick Chubb is any less important. If this offense is as good as it looks to be they will need Chubb to run out the clock if they jump out to a big lead, and be as good as he has in crunch time. Chubb will also be getting a higher percentage of carries on this team with the exit of Kareem Hunt.

If he can stay healthy as he has throughout his career we should see the same Nick Chubb we are used to and potentially a career year for him as well. As he will not be facing as many stacked boxes as he has in years past. I would expect a lot of explosive runs from him this year in our offense.