Top 3 Cleveland Browns currently on the roster bubble

The Cleveland Browns have some tough decisions to make including making the call on these 3 players who sit on the roster bubble
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Over the next three months, we will see these NFL rosters change drastically. The Cleveland Browns currently have 90 players on their roster, before the start of the season that will be worked down to a 53-man roster and a practice squad of 16 players. 

What does that mean for Andrew Berry and his coaching staff? A lot of talented players will end up not making the roster in 2023.

What’s most difficult about this scenario is you can’t just take talent into question. You must factor in the current contract, what the next contact may look like, the talent of the potential replacement, and all the other small things like how well he gels in the locker room.

Any time I write about guys who are on the bubble, people usually go ballistic on me, but sometimes just be a fan favorite isn’t enough to make the squad. 

Here are three Browns who are very talented and well liked but are on the roster bubble heading into 2023.

Brow Roster Bubble Player No. 3: Perrion Winfrey

Trust me when I saw I was ecstatic when the Cleveland Browns drafted Perrion Winfrey in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. I have said from the beginning he didn’t fit what the Browns needed which was a run-stopping defensive tackle, but he has a high motor and plays with energy. 

Two things are going to hurt Winfrey. One, he hasn’t separated himself from a big group of defensive tackles on the Browns roster that are mediocre at best. Most are stronger in pass rush, and struggle in run defense. Of the five guys that fit this mold, only two will survive.

The nail in the coffin for Winfrey is his off-field issues. He was recently charged with a misdemeanor and had other issues last season as well.

The spot is his to lose in all honesty, but it feels like he won’t get out of his own way and end up getting cut.