Top 3 Cleveland Browns currently on the roster bubble

The Cleveland Browns have some tough decisions to make including making the call on these 3 players who sit on the roster bubble
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Brow Roster Bubble Player No. 1: Jordan Elliott

Another one of those guys that Berry drafted that the Cleveland Browns have hung onto just a little too long is Jordan Elliott. While Schwartz is a guy that will never play in the NFL again, Elliott will likely get another shot.

He would be a decent backup or pass-rushing specialist for a team that gets 10-15 snaps per game. Unfortunately, he's not a starting quality defensive tackle which is what the Browns have used him for the last few seasons.

Elliott lacks upper body strength which allows him to get pushed around, and he gets up field far too often which opens up even bigger running lanes for opposing teams. 

The former third-round pick from Missouri came into the NFL with high expectations but just hasn’t lived up to them so far. And while I don’t think Elliott survives another season on this roster because of his contract, I’m bummed we won’t get to see him play with an elite defensive tackle like Dalvin Tomlinson.

Elliott has just enough talent someone like Tomlinson could bring out the best in him, but unfortunately, I think it’s too little too late.

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The good news for the Browns, they don’t have a ton of tough decisions this year. There are no Jarvis Landry’s or Sheldon Richardson’s who were once great players. This year will be fine-tuning the roster which will still upset fans.