Top 3 keys to victory for the Browns in Week 4 matchup with Baltimore

• Firing out the gates

• Own between the hashes

• Give them nothing but take everything

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
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The Cleveland Browns will take on the Baltimore Ravens in a Week 4 showdown on their home field. This will be the Browns third home game in the first quarter of the season. So far, they're 2-0 in front of the Dawg Pound and have outscored their opponents by a staggering 45 points in those two contests.

With a bye waiting on the other side of their matchup with the Ravens, the Browns could spend their off week with, at minimum, a share of first place in the AFC North if they can get the better of Baltimore. The Ravens are coming off a home loss to a Colts team that they were heavy favorites in so Cleveland should expect Baltimore’s best effort on Sunday.

Here are three keys to victory for the Browns in their Week four matchup with Baltimore

Key to victory No.3: Get off to a fast start

This seems like a no-brainer each and every week. And while there's some truth to that, this week it's imperative that the Browns start fast against this Ravens team. Cleveland has yet to score a touchdown on an opening drive this season. That tendency needs to change this Sunday against an injury-riddled Ravens defense.

When facing a true dual-threat quarterback like Lamar Jackson, the easiest way to take away an aspect of their game is to put them in predictable situations. There are a few ways that you can accomplish this feat, but the clearest path to eliminating Jackson’s ability to use his legs as a weapon is to make the Ravens play from a deficit.

That doesn't mean that if the Browns win the coin toss they need to take the ball first. Stefanski should still defer if they win the coin toss because, until further, notice the Browns defense is what sets the table for this team’s success. But if this offense can get an early lead and force the Ravens into a game of catch-up, Cleveland's defense can go hunting. This is the way.