Top 3 keys to victory for the Browns in Week 4 matchup with Baltimore

• Firing out the gates

• Own between the hashes

• Give them nothing but take everything

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
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Key to victory No. 1: Win the turnover battle

The Browns are 2-1 through two games and have a point differential of plus 41 on the young season. But the fact that they have done that while losing the turnover battle in all three contests might be the most mind-blowing statistic.

The turnover differential is usually the most significant statistic in determining wins and losses in the NFL. The fact that the Browns are having the success that they are while still being negative five in the turnover ledger flies in the face of everything we think we know.

But creating turnovers, much like Jarvis Landry’s famous 2018 training camp speech, is contagious. Once this Browns defense, which is playing historically well, starts generating turnovers it will be a game-changer for their offense. Turnovers also have a way of coming in bunches and this Browns defense is overdue.

As talented as this defense is, it is difficult to imagine that they will finish in the negative in the turnover category when it is all said and done. However, the intriguing thought about this Browns defense getting their hands on the football is what they could do with it. Between Thornhill, Delpit, Newsome, Emerson, JOK, and Ward, someone is making a house call in the not too distant future. Book it.

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