Top 5 AFC North cornerbacks ranked in 2023

The top 5 AFC North cornerbacks headed in the 2023 season ranked, how many Cleveland Browns make the cut?

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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The AFC North has several tough opponents that the Cleveland Browns have to face each season. That includes some impressive defensive backs.

Here, we break down the top five corners in the AFC North.

Honorable Mention: Patrick Peterson 

In 2022, Patrick Peterson played 17 games last season in Minnesota. This offseason, Peterson signed a two-year, $14 million deal with Pittsburgh.

Peterson had a rough 2021 but seemed to turn that around last season with new defensive coordinator Ed Donatell.  

Donatell relied heavily on zone coverage, while Steelers DC Teryl Austin runs man coverage. 

Peterson, the eight-time Pro Bowler, had a 77.8% overall PFF grade, posting numbers he hadn’t in nearly four years. The Steelers hope to get the same results on the field from Peterson and have him as a mentor in the locker room for Joey Porter Jr and Cory Trice. 


  • 17 Games
  • 66 Total Tackles
  • 53/89 Targeted 
  • 59.6% Completion 
  • 696 Yards Allowed (387 Through Air - 309 After Catch) - 13.1 AVG per Catch
  • 5 Touchdowns Allowed
  • 5 Interceptions

5. Mike Hilton, Cincinnati Bengals

Mike Hilton played in 14 games in 2022, missing two games after a finger injury in week 8 required minor surgery and a knee injury that arose after a Week 13 victory against the Browns. 

Hilton was one of the top slot receivers in the NFL, posting a 73.4 overall player rating. The Bengal is versatile in the secondary, he was involved in 30 blitzes in 2022 and recorded four QB hits. 


  • 14 Games
  • 60 Total Tackles
  • 43/69 Targeted 
  • 62.3% Completion
  • 430 Yards Allowed (235 Through Air - 195 After Catch) - 10.0 AVG per Catch
  • 1 Touchdown Allowed
  • 1 Interception