Week 14 instant reactions: Defense leads Cleveland Browns to victory

The defense led the way on Sunday as the Cleveland Browns snapped a two-game losing streak with a win at home over Jacksonville

Cleveland Browns
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Browns offense still has issues

As good as the offense has been with Joe Flacco under center, they've still had two major issues — penalties and turnovers. There were two turnovers in the first half with Flacco throwing an interception on a play where Cedric Tillman ran into his own man. They also lost a fumble when Amari Cooper was stripped by Andrew Wingard.

The Cooper turnover was in their own territory and led to seven points. They allowed another seven in the third quarter when Flacco fumbled one away. Hit as he was trying to throw, Flacco fumbled the ball and Jacksonville picked it up at the 25-yard line.

Penalties have been the other issue and Geron Christian was hit with two of them on the same drive. If that wasn't enough to deal with, each one resulted in a conversion for a first-down being called back. Eventually, Corey Bojorquez had to come in and punt it away thanks to the self-inflicted wounds.

At this point, it was a tight game once again at 21-14. The frustrating part of this was how dominant the defense was. They might have given up two touchdowns but those were on drives that covered 32 and then 25 yards. They still pulled out a victory thanks to the defense but this offense has to figure out how to stop putting themselves in a hole.

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