Braylon Edwards Either Horribly Insecure or Clinically Insane

Quick, name the college that Braylon Edwards attended!  It might have taken you a few seconds to remember, which begs the question: who cares?  Apparently, the Browns wide receiver thinks the fans do.  In this Plain Dealer article, Edwards is quoted as saying:

“It is what it is … I’ve learned since being here that I’m very unappreciated. Not by the organization, just in the eyes of the fans and the city. Since Day One, I’ve been a marked man coming from Michigan. It’s just gone that way.”

Seriously?  The reason no one likes you right now, Braylon, is because you are currently catching passes like you would want to catch a steaming pile of shit.  Like the article suggests, no one cares what college you attended once you come to the NFL.  Browns fans are rabid and, at times, irrational – I will give him that – but we aren’t stupid.  We know how to pick the right allegiances, and in the football pecking order, it is obvious that the Browns are above the Buckeyes.

Braylon Edwards certainly needs to get over the fact that people are going to criticize him for dropping so many passes.  Being that he is a professional, a Pro Bowler, and a receiver meant to lead the team, there is the added knowledge that criticism will most certainly come with that territory.  Get over it, man.

Don’t get me wrong.  I really like Braylon Edwards as a receiver.  It is unfortunate that his immaturity often overshadows his talent, but I certainly wish him the best and I want him to forever remain as a member of the Cleveland Browns.  I just think that he needs to get over his own insecurities and stop trying to push away or deflect the criticism about his play.  Trust us, Braylon; we (the fans) like you.  We just think that a player as great as you should perhaps not lead the league in drops or only have three TD catches this far into a season.

Anywho, stay tuned for an update later today about a contest!  Where you can win stuff!  Browns stuff!

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hey is’nt he herms boy? well that would explain the lack of brains and insanity. wait i think he’s donnie’s boy? well he’s a lb so that explains the hands. hell as a cowboy fan i’ve seen my share of drops by a star wr. why? i don’t know? but it does take continuity with a qb. edwards had it last year with anderson and he did’nt this year with all the injuries. get the qb situation fixed with brady and he’ll be back at the top too. jerry rice once said,”as good as i or anyone else percieves me to be, i’m only as good as the guy throwin me the ball. and i’ve been blessed to have a couple of good ones.”