Full list of Browns opponents for 2024 schedule revealed

With the regular season in the books, the Cleveland Browns know who they will face in 2024

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

The 2023 regular season is done and the Cleveland Browns are one of 14 teams still alive. They secured the fifth seed in the AFC and will head to The Lone Star State to take on the Houston Texans in the Wild Card Round. Joe Flacco, who has a Super Bowl ring and 10 postseason victories under his belt, will lead the way as they look to make a run.

Cleveland has confidence not only because of what Flacco brings to the table but also the fact that they're the only team to hand both No. 1 seeds a loss this year. The Browns split the series against the Baltimore Ravens while also handing the San Francisco 49ers their first loss of the season.

Throughout the year, the Browns proved they can defy the odds. They put the 'Next Man Up' mantra to test week after week and will do all they can to keep this season going. Once it does end — hopefully after the Super Bowl — they will turn their attention to the 2024 campaign. Once that becomes their focus, these are the teams they will face.

Browns 2024 opponents

In 2024, AFC North teams will play against the AFC West and NFC East. Cleveland finished second in the AFC North, which means they will face the second-place finishers from the AFC East, AFC South, and NFC South. This is all in addition to the six games they will play in the division.

The Browns benefited from having an extra home game in 2023, playing at Cleveland Browns Stadium nine times while hitting the road for eight games. That means it will be reversed in 2024, with them staying home for eight and visiting nine teams. With all that being said, let's check out the opponents on tap next year.

Browns home opponents in 2024

• Baltimore Ravens
• Pittsburgh Steelers
• Cincinnati Bengals
• Kansas City Chiefs
• Los Angeles Chargers
• Miami Dolphins
• Dallas Cowboys
• New York Giants

Browns away opponents in 2024

• Baltimore Ravens
• Pittsburgh Steelers
• Cincinnati Bengals
•Denver Broncos
• Las Vegas Raiders
• Philadelphia Eagles
• Washington Commanders
• Jacksonville Jaguars
• New Orleans Saints

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